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The Resource hub is an institutionalized Resource Centre with clearing process within the structure of the Gender Division that will provide a platform for all actors, including small-scale grassroot organizations, to benefit from the rich combined technical guidance and expertise from various partners with the oversight of the Gender Division. All GBV messages, Materials and Manuals will undergo a process to ensure these are centrally aligned and quality assured – thereby enhancing efficiency and effectiveness while creating a learning environment (the structure will act as an advisory board in relation to communication materials) .The GBV Resource hub will be managed by Gender Division, and at the core is the commitment and cooperation of other stakeholders (including line ministries, CSOs and Cooperating Partners).For this reason, a multi-stakeholder process under the National GBV Technical Working Group is where this structure will fall.


  • Provide technical assistance and supporting tools for smaller organizations in creating standard effective communication materials. In doing so, addressing the lack/not sufficient representation of smaller CBO’s on the table of coordination among actors for the fight against and response to GBV.
  • Contribute to the Gender Division online platform and provide a continuous learning and exchanging environment among actors including grassroot, community-based organizations. A rich online information hub with easy access to GBV materials.
  • Putting in place standard Structures and processes for implementing and coordinating national communication strategies on violence prevention initiatives and response in order to contribute to the quality of effective messaging and development.