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The Gender Division is implementing the United Nations Joint Programme II (GRZ-UNJP II) on Gender Based Violence(GBV) that seeks to improve the prevention of and response to GBV by strengthening existing institutional structures to provide a more consolidated package of services across fifteen districts in Zambia. In the period under review, the Ministry held sensitizations for 3 Committees of Parliamentarians on Human Trafficking and conducted Trainer of Trainers for Child Victims Witnessing.

Further, the Ministry conducted a Baseline Survey and Gender Rapid Assessment on the Impact of covid 19 on Gender. The reports for both surveys were finalised and validated and await launch and dissemination. In addition, provinces and districts were supported with funds to strengthen coordination in mainstreaming GBV in district plans between the GBV Task Forces and the Gender Sub-committees at provincial and district levels. In the fourth quarter of 2021 the Ministry under the GRZ-UNJP II held a dialogue with 20 Chiefs on the cultural and social norms that perpetuate GBV. The chiefs acknowledged the critical role that they play in their chiefdoms and pledged to lookout for all the negative vices that perpetuate GBV. They further pledged to use the knowledge acquired at the dialogue to raise awareness in their chiefdoms

During the year under review, the Ministry, under the GRZ/UN Joint Programme working in collaboration with the Zambia Law Development Commission, continued to review the Anti GBV Act Number 1 of 2011 in order to harmonise the Act with other pieces of legislation such as the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code so as to facilitate effective implementation of the law. It is anticipated that the reviewed Act will be validated in the year 2022.