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Natwampane is a Government of Zambia led Programme funded by the European Union, and implemented by BBC Media Action, Lifeline Childline, GIZ, Norwegian Church Aid and World Vision Zambia. The Natwampane Programme aims to reduce levels of gender-based violence in Luapula and Northern Provinces.The EU-SGBV Programme seeks to strengthen Government’s institutional and policy frameworks through the provision of technical assistance and monitoring to the Ministry of Gender in dissolution and other relevant Ministries that are involved in fighting SGBV in Zambia. This is in response to the continued rise of GBV with cases standing at 20,540 in 2021 compared to 26,370 in 2020 and 25,121 in 2019. Further, the Project focusses its implementation at community and district level – focusing on advocacy and awareness raising amongst adolescents and youths, local leaders and the media.  Through establishing and strengthening of coordinated response centers at district level the project is providing a comprehensive package of support services to SGBV survivors. The programme is being implemented in 24 districts of Northern and Luapula Provinces after having recorded the highest SGBV rates in the country.


The programme has achieved the following results:

  1. A shelter for survivors and at-risk women and children had been completed in Northern Province. The shelter awaits hand over by the Ministry of Gender in dissolution to the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services;
  2. Finalized the dashboard for referral pathway for Gender Based Violence. The dashboard provides referral directories for over 80% of the districts in the country as well as mappingof GBV actors/programmes. It identifies the GBV services that various institutions in the referral pathway offer to survivors of GBV;
  3. Held capacity building with the Ministry of Education on school Related GBV and the role of the Ministry of Education to address and prevent GBV in and around schools.
  4. A total of 24 One Stop Centres located in Northern and Luapula Provinces provided support to an average of 1800 survivors per month; and
  5. Held meetings with experts on specific areas of GBV prevention and response during the 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence.