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Exchange visit by the Precious Minerals and Marketing company of Zambia – September 2019

Hon. Elizabeth Phiri, MP touring stands at the Mini Expo for Precious Minerals at Ministry of Gender.

The Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC) of Ghana arrived in Zambia over the weekend. This visit to Zambia is a result of a mining exchange visit programme with the association of Zambian women in mining (AZWIM) in conjunction with the ministries of Mines and Mineral Development, Commerce Trade and Industry and Gender a sponsored programme by OXFAM Zambia.

The PMMC is a parastatal company responsible for valuation of gold mined in Ghana including that mined by the small scale miners in Ghana.

PMMCS’ mission in Zambia is to undertake a feasibility and tour the gemstone industry by the Artisanal and Small Scale Miners (ASM) in Zambia. This in view of signing a memorandum of understanding between the association and PMMC at a date to be agreed upon.

In respect of the visiting team, AZWIM will be showcasing the Zambian value added gemstones at a mini expo to be held on 17/09/2019 starting at 14.00hrs at the ministry of gender auditorium.

A joint press media briefing by the ministries of Mines and Mineral development, Commerce Trade and Industry and Gender who will hosting the expo with a theme: “Market creation through responsible sourcing in the Jewellery industry”

All gemstones to be exhibited are mined by artisanal and small scale miners of Zambia.

The feasibility study is with the view of possible sourcing of value added coloured gemstones for PMMCS’ Jewellery factory in Accra, Ghana.

Hon. Elizabeth Phiri, MP remarks during the exchange visit.

I am honoured to be accorded this opportunity to address you all on behalf of my counterparts from Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry and Ministry of Mines and Minerals development.

The occasion we are witnessing today marks an important milestone in achieving gender equity and equality in Zambia.   The government of the Republic of Zambia is proud to host a delegation from the precious minerals and marketing company (PMMC) of Ghana who are here to create trade linkages with the association of Zambian Women in Mining (AZWIM). Get full Minister of Gender’s remarks


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